Stockade Panels

The Strongest Defense Against Animal Pressure

As farmers and ranchers, you have a lot riding on the well-being of your livestock. Investing in proper food and shelter is only part of your concern. Pens, corrals and feedlot areas must be safe and secure at all times. The constant pressure that large, heavy animals exert by simply pressing against a fence, especially in close quarters, can take its toll on inadequate fencing material. To preserve your valuable time, you’ll want to avoid the countless hours that could be lost to sleepless nights of worry, or making unnecessary repairs to failed enclosures. Heavy-duty steel stockade panels provide the reinforcement you need. The wire used for these panels typically ranges from lighter-weight 4 and 6 gauge to a robust ¼” diameter wire. With durable welds securing every vertical and horizontal intersection, the mesh is virtually impossible to break down. And, with a galvanized zinc coating protecting the steel, rust and corrosion don’t stand a chance. The panels won’t break when cattle, pigs or horses press against the mesh, so you can be rest assured that your animals are protected.

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Red Brand Stockade Panels

Selecting Stockade Panels

To determine the style that best fits the needs of your corral, feedlot or property, you must first consider what the purpose of the enclosure will serve. Pigs have different safety issues than cattle. Swine can root their way out of an enclosure, so the fence must sit low and tight to the ground. Piglets are small enough to slip through large openings, so graduated spacing near the bottom of the panel would be a good idea. The height of the fence doesn’t have to be significant. On the other hand, cattle don’t require graduated spacing at the bottom, but height is a consideration. And, containing an excited bull or a herd of cows at dinnertime requires the most durable fence available. Sheep may not exert as much pressure, but protecting them from predators requires a tight, secure mesh spacing to deter entry into the enclosure. Proper spacing for horses is important to prevent hooves or legs from getting caught in the mesh. Be sure the opening is no more than 2″x4″. In all these applications, the common features are high-quality steel, durable zinc coating and expert manufacturing. You invest time, money and resources in your animals. Be sure they are protected with the best materials your money can buy.

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Stockade Panels

Your Red Brand Stockade Panel Options

For a durable fencing solution that satisfies the demands of a busy farm or ranch, look for the signature red wire on Red Brand Stockade Panels. The exclusive color assures you that the product you are buying is made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. There’s no need to worry if your livestock will be protected, because the Red Brand name comes with over 130 years of assurance. Our reputation has been earned by delivering consistent, high-quality products with every fence product we make. You’ll find information here on our website about how we manufacture our fence products. And, when you’re ready to purchase your Stockade Panels, visit your local Red Brand dealer for advice on selecting the right fence for your property.

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