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Horses are beautiful, graceful, and powerful animals. Their natural instinct to bolt or flee when faced with perceived danger, which makes them more prone to fence-related injuries than many other animals. As a result, a horse enclosure needs to be more than a barrier to stop them from roaming. It should be able to withstand the impact a horse can cause when pushing against or running into it. Red Brand has been making high quality wire fence since 1889. Our products are manufactured with the best materials available for long-lasting value and designed with safety in mind.

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Selecting Horse Fence

It is essential to select the right enclosure to contain your horse effectively and reduce the risk of a serious or fatal injury.  The best equestrian fence is constructed of mesh, which is made by weaving wire into specific spacing and using knots to secure the wire intersections. The design is extremely important, as the wires provide the basis for strength, stability and security. Mesh openings should be small enough to prevent a horse from getting its hoof caught and stop it from climbing on the fence or stepping down on the line wires, which could result in collapse or structure failure. Another important benefit of close spacing is deterring predators from entering a pasture or corral. Wire mesh fence is woven in a pattern of rectangular or triangular shapes that are too small to catch a hoof and are galvanized to stand up to the elements.  It will also keep pets and small animals in or out of a pasture, feature good linear strength, and is flexible and easy to maintain.

Non-climb Horse Fence

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Red Brand products are designed for the utmost in safety, security and longevity. In fact, our horse fence is recognized worldwide by horse owners, farm managers, breeders and veterinarians as the very safest for horses. Learn more about our horse fence products on our Resources page or by talking to your local Red Brand dealer.

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What Customers are Saying

Testimonial - Edith C

Edith C.

5-Star Review

We put up a 5 foot high Redbrand wire fence for our young Haflinger who broke our wood rails too often. Since we have put up Redbrand 5 foot high wire fencing, no problems! Also, we found it difficult to find large wood rails here in SC. Love it.

Testimonial - Beth


5-Star Review

I installed miles of this about 10 years ago as cross-fencing around my horse paddocks within the overall ranch. It looks as good today as the day it was installed. No rust, no deterioration—your posts and fence staples will give out long before this does. No painting. No rust. And no visual distraction—horses see it and when you look at your property, you see it, but it doesn't mess up the view!

Testimonial - Lee Ann M.

Lee Ann M.

5-Star Review

Love it! Looks amazing and so safe!

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