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Sheep and Goats–they seem to be so compatible, yet have very different primary needs when it comes to their safety and security. For the most part, sheep are a docile, quiet species. They prefer to keep their heads to the ground and stay together when grazing, a trait inherited by centuries of breeding. It’s in their nature to stay close to one another for protection. However, if they sense danger, their instinct is to flee. And they’ll take the whole flock with them. If they happen to head toward the edge of their enclosure, it’s likely the fence will endure significant impact. They tend to flock together when threatened because they don’t possess the ability to fight back when attacked. Predators are a serious threat to sheep. In one recent year, almost a quarter of a million sheep were lost to predators in the US alone. On the other end of the spectrum are spunky, inquisitive and mischievous goats. While their risk of predators is similar, their behavior creates the biggest challenge for their keepers. They forage on everything within reach – and beyond. They’ll stand on their hind legs to nibble on leaves, shrubs and anything else they can access. They are persistent and will continue to challenge an enclosure until they make their way through a weakened opening. They’ll poke holes, chew, climb or push over anything in their way. If their heads can make it through a hole in the fence, their bodies are sure to follow. While goats tend to herd in the face of danger, they typically prefer wide-open space. Tight quarters and crowding will lead to undue stress.

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Sheep have thick, wooly coats, so barbed wire fence is not a practical option. Other factors to consider are the need for predator control and the heavy pressure a herd can exert if it moves too close to the fence line. Goats, on the other hand, can seriously injure themselves on barbed wire, and fence solutions that can’t hold up to constant poking, prodding and chewing should also be avoided. A strong, flexible, resilient fence is essential to avoid fence failure or collapse. In addition, you’ll need tight mesh spacing that prevents heads or horns from getting stuck or babies from slipping through. The recommended height to safely contain sheep and goats and keep unwanted animals out is 48 inches. Red Brand has a specific fence style designed to meet these needs. Sheep & Goat fence construction starts with a substantial 12-½ gauge wire that can’t be chewed or broken. The woven mesh design is secured with our proprietary Square Deal® Knot, which is designed to hold tight to the horizontal and vertical wires. The wires can’t slip or move which could cause openings in the fence. The knot on our fence also resists buckling or sagging so it remains upright at all times. It’s flexibility responds to pressure by springing back into place and makes installations on hilly terrain easier.

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Special consideration must be given to each species for their unique characteristics. Where safety from predators is a primary concern for sheep, protecting goats from injury or escape can be equally challenging. Proper fencing from Red Brand makes caring for both sheep and goats easier. By investing in the most reliable fence solution for these popular farm animals, you provide the very best in safety and security. Find a Red Brand dealer near you to determine how much fence you’ll need for your enclosure. Our Resource Tab also offers information on fencing, as well as expert advice on installing your fence.

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