The National FFA Organization

Building on Tradition. Continuing the Legacy.

We’re proud of our enduring relationship with FFA and the programs we’ve been part of over the years. Red Brand sponsors Proficiency Awards, contributes to SAE grants and supports FFA Alumni. We continually strive to find unique and creative ways to support the vital role FFA plays in the lives of our country’s youth. In addition to ongoing support at the national level, Red Brand provides funding to local chapters through Home Grown. Each year, over 1,200 chapters receive money from this unique grass-roots funding initiative. To support the educational aspect of FFA, Red Brand created Fence 101. This exclusive classroom curriculum is designed to teach students about all facets of agricultural fencing.

Red Brand Honored by FFA

We’re proud to be recognized by the National FFA Organization for our contributions at both the national and local levels. Red Brand was selected to receive the 2017 Distinguished Service Citation Award. This means a great deal to us, because at the core of our sponsorship, our goal is to provide programs that directly help educate and support our country’s future ag leaders. As we build on traditions established over 70 years ago and strive to continue our legacy, we look forward to working with the FFA organization for years to come.

Join Red Brand in Supporting FFA

Together, we can continue the tradition of excellence for our future ag leaders and make a lasting difference for generations. As a former FFA student, you can help build a strong, deep base of support for FFA. Express your loyalty and make a difference in the lives of current FFA students through participation, mentoring and promotion.



Become an Alumni Member. FFA Alumni memberships provide $100,000 annually to local affiliates, scholarships and awards.



Volunteer at the local level. As a mentor or trainer, you have the ability to shape the future of these eager learners and leaders.



Encourage your local FFA chapter to take advantage of Red Brand’s Home Grown funding program and Fence 101 curriculum.

Red Brand Factory Tours

Each year, Red Brand hosts hundreds of FFA members at our plant in Peoria, IL where students and advisors learn about all aspects of fence-making. This comprehensive tour offers a glimpse of the process of utilizing raw material, melting the steel and ultimately crafting a finished roll of fence. Stations include the galvanization process, barbed wire and woven fence production, warehousing and shipping. Visitors leave with a better understanding of the time, materials and skills needed to create Red Brand products and an appreciation for how recycled, repurposed steel can be used to make the best fence in America.

FFA & Red Brand

The relationship between Red Brand and FFA is a natural fit. When we joined forces with FFA in 1947, we saw an opportunity to support the country’s future ag leaders in a variety of ways. Decades later, the enduring relationship has fostered many unique programs that support the organization and its members. From financial contributions at the national level to investing in local programs that connect individual chapters to their communities, our participation is broad. We are most proud of the programs Red Brand has created that directly help educate and support our future ag leaders, like Home Grown, Fence 101 and the Wildfire Relief Program. Check out the FFA website to see why Red Brand is so passionate about this invaluable organization.