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The modern-day use of wire for enclosures became popular with the invention of barbed wire in the 1800s. Since then, wire has been used to create many different styles of agricultural fence. Today, popular applications include hinged field fence and barbed wire for cattle and other large animals, woven horse fence, welded garden fence, and specialty knotted fence types for deer, sheep & goats, poultry and more. Although each of these examples utilizes strands of wire to construct a certain mesh or fence style, single wires can be effective in a variety of applications as well. In fact, the use of single strand wire for agricultural purposes is as diverse as the number of products available.

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Red Brand Electric Fence & Smooth Wire

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Electric and smooth wire present additional options for fence enclosures. But, the uses don’t stop there. Because the chemical properties can vary a great deal, a wire can be thin and flexible (traditional, low carbon) or very strong and rigid (high tensile). Both types of wire offer unique features and benefits, as you’ll see in the product descriptions below. When selecting the ideal wire, consider the following: tensile strength, gauge, galvanization or annealing, and the amount needed. These guidelines should help you determine the right wire for your application.

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Electric Fence & Smooth Wire

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Red Brand offers an extensive line of Electric and Smooth Wire products in an array of gauges, finishes and spool lengths. If you are unsure of the type of wire you need for your property, stop by your local ag dealer and ask for help. You can also find more information at our online store.

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