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Depending on the size of the enclosure you need, a new fence can be one of the most costly investments you’ll make. Not only are you spending significant amounts of time and money to build your fence, you are creating a structure that will ensure the safety and security of your livestock, pets or property. So, installing a fence with quality materials and proper techniques makes sense. It’s been said that a fence is only as good as its foundation. That’s why installing a solid post and brace assembly is critical to the success of your fencing project. Your entire fence relies on the integrity of that structure and can only be as strong and durable as the posts it’s attached to. But your project doesn’t end with posts. Besides corner posts and bracing, you’ll need quality fence materials, t-posts, staples, and tools to get the job done right.

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Selecting Tools & Accessories

Owning and using proper tools makes a fence installation process go much smoother. Quality, professional-grade instruments make a difference when it comes to reliability. These tools will hold up to repeated use and therefore last much longer. The last thing you want in the middle of an install is a broken fence pliers, wire stretcher or crimp tool. When it comes time to purchase tools for your fence project, look for products that are strong and durable, and up to the task. Typically, you get what you pay for, so be sure to purchase the best tools your money can buy for reliability and dependability. Once you invest in your fence tools, take good care of them by keeping each piece clean and dry.

Selecting quality posts and stays are equally important for a successful fence installation. The steel used to make the posts should be of the highest quality so that they perform as expected, and last a long time. Failure of several t-posts or line posts could be catastrophic to the safety of your herd. Be sure to purchase the proper weight for your fence application. There’s no need to go over-board with a heavy-duty t-post if you plan to install a lightweight garden fence. However, if your plan is to build an enclosure for a herd of cattle, the posts must be able to withstand the pressure of several animals against the fence line. Make sure your posts have a coating that is resistant to rust and have sharp blades for easy installation. Staples and wire clips also play an important role in the overall performance of a fence, so don’t overlook this important element. High-quality staples will be coated for long-lasting wear and have barbs that grip the wooden post securely to prevent the fence from working loose. A simple staple could be the cause of animal injury, escape or even death if the fence fails due to inadequate contact with the post.


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Jason K.

Good value and quantity for the price. Proudly made here at home!

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Installed in late 2015 -has performed well.

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Jason K.

Nice consistent staple leg length, unlike all the other brands!

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Carrie D.

Excellent and simply tool to get job done.

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Steven G.

It was easy to use and none of the connection have come loose in years.

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Brian W.

Great tool! So easy to use - saves a ton of time and gives a professional look every time.

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