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Cattle can really test the integrity of the fence used to contain them. Whether they are grazing on acres of pastureland, or confined in close quarters near the barn, livestock owners need to feel confident that their herd is safe and secure. At Red Brand, we offer the agriculture industry’s leading fencing products. That’s because our superior steel, along with expertly crafted construction, create a strong, reliable wire fence that farmers and ranchers can count on. We offer over several types of field fence for confinement of cattle, hogs and other large livestock. The materials we use and the sturdy designs of our fence styles make our fences strong, yet flexible and built to last. They’ll hold up to the rigorous pressure of corralling large herds, and the wire mesh is capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions. The knot styles we use are designed to allow the fence to spring back into place once pressure is applied, providing a durable, secure and reliable structure.

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Selecting Field Fence

Field fencing is not a one-size-fits-all product. That’s why Red Brand manufactures over 45 different field fence options. Among the considerations for choosing the proper fence for your property are knot style, wire gauge, spacing, height and roll length. Certain knot styles will work better on hilly terrain, while others will withstand even the most severe snowstorms. The thickness of the wire determines the overall strength and durability of a fence. And, specifications like spacing and height provide options for use on open pastures where predators or escape may be a concern, or around a high-pressure confinement area where the herd is in tight quarters. Finally, after careful planning, the amount of fence needed will determine how many rolls you’ll need to complete the installation.

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Field Fence

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Red Brand understands that protecting your herd is a significant investment. That’s why we build fence that can last up to 25 years or more when properly installed. Farmers, retailers and professional fence installers all agree that Red Brand fence is the best for quality, reliability and longevity. Learn more about which fence style is right for your application at our Resource page, or talk to your local Red Brand dealer for more information.

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