Fence 101

Fence 101

Liberty Steel & Wire, manufacturer of Red Brand fence, started supporting FFA programs in 1947. With an eye to the future, we realized the value of investing in our country’s young people who were primed to lead our future in the ag industry and beyond. In the decades following, we have strived to always put the needs of the students first. As a result, Red Brand has created many unique programs that target individual FFA chapters and the students that participate at the local level. We have found success in both funding initiatives and educational programs. We are most proud of the impact that Home Grown has had on chapters. Money raised by the sale of our fence products at local Red Brand dealers has found its way to deserving chapters all over the country. However, Fence 101 creates the potential for even more significance. The classroom curriculum helps prepare students for the future by teaching them practical applications and knowledge about ag fencing.

What is Fence 101?

In 2011, Red Brand realized the need for fence instruction in the classroom, and introduced Fence 101 to advisors and instructional leaders. The comprehensive curriculum addresses the importance of correct selection, calculation and installation of agricultural fencing. Students are presented concepts like fence terminology, manufacturing processes, proper selection of fence types, calculating material needs, and installation techniques. Students will be able to apply this learning to the wide variety of needs they may encounter as future farmers, property owners and ag business leaders.

Fence 101 Curriculum Kit

Fence 101 Curriculum Kit

The Curriculum Kit includes everything needed to present Fence 101, including a flash drive with Teaching Materials, a Quick Reference Guide and Red Brand’s Fence Pocket Guide.

Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

The Teaching Materials on the flash drive include comprehensive PowerPoint presentations and printable PDFs of the Instructor’s Manual, Quizzes & Handouts, Quick Reference Guide and Certificate of Completion.



The five lessons are approximately 50 minutes, making the program manageable for most classroom situations. And, no matter the background or level of expertise, instructors will find this program easy and fun to teach.

Course Outline

Session 1: Fence Basics

  • Benefits of Training

  • General Fence Info

  • Wire Gauge

  • Galvanized Zinc Coating

  • Types of Wire

  • Fence Knots

  • Reading Fence Style Numbers

  • Types of Fence

  • Acreage Concepts

Session 2: Fence Manufacturing

  • Steel Production

  • Wire Fence Production

Session 3: Fence Planning

  • Safety, Zoning and Utilities

  • Basic Considerations

  • Tools and Materials

Session 4: Fence Installation I

  • Corner and Brace Assemblies

  • Post Installation

  • Field Fence Installation

Session 5: Fence Installation II

  • Barbed Wire Installation

  • Horse Fence Installation

  • Course Review

Request Your Fence 101 Kit

The Fence 101 Curriculum Kit focuses on every aspect of ag fencing selection, calculation and installation. The program is taught using PowerPoint presentations, videos and quizzes, and promises to be a fun and engaging experience for students. Fence 101 is available free to FFA advisors and ag instructors. Request your classroom kit today.