Fence Tech

Thank You for Your Interest in Fence Tech

Red Brand recognizes the challenges that sales associates may have when helping customers understand their ag fencing options. That’s why Red Brand developed Fence Tech, a FREE sales tool designed to teach your team the key elements of ag fencing. With proper training, your associates can help customers make informed purchasing decisions, resulting in trust, loyalty and most importantly, increased sales.

Fence Tech Sessions

The Fence Tech program consists of two sessions. The first session is focused on Fence Knowledge. Fence Knowledge teaches store associates essential fence concepts. The second session is focused on How to Sell a Fence. This section answers common questions about Red Brand product features, benefits, proper product selection, and installation – along with other tools and materials.

After completing this 30-minute training, your team will be better equipped to advise customers and sell more products. By sharing product knowledge and making recommendations on additional tools and supplies required to complete a fencing project, the potential to grow sales across multiple product lines throughout the store will increase.

Fence Tech Training Kit

Fence Tech training is comprised of informative videos that are paired with useful reference tools. Participants will find this comprehensive approach to be interesting and easy to understand. By using the materials together, the instruction is sure to provide an effective learning experience.

The Fence Tech Kit includes:

  • Instructional DVD (2 copies)
  • Reusable follow-up quiz with answers
  • Quick Reference Guides for store associates to refer to when working with customers (10 copies)
  • Comprehensive Fence Pocket Guide for associate use (2 copies)

Two Ways to Participate in Fence Tech

ONLINE RESOURCES: To view videos online and download the Fence Tech Quiz, Quick Reference Guide and Fence Pocket Guide to your computer or mobile device click on the button below.

TO ORDER THE ENTIRE KIT: To order your FREE Fence Tech Kit, complete with supporting materials, simply provide the information required below. A Red Brand representative will follow up with you soon.