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Sometimes homeowners need a versatile fencing solution that serves more than one purpose. For instance, dogs and gardens are both common in many yards. Other property owners need a way to establish a boundary or create a safe dog run for their hunting companions. A new puppy is vulnerable to escape and predators. And, valuable produce can be at risk from hungry scavengers. Nuisance animals can cause destruction to property or injury to small livestock. On the other hand, keeping animals inside a yard can be just as challenging as keeping unwanted animals out. For instance, a large dog can test the integrity of a fence by either jumping over it or forcing its way through an unreliable enclosure.

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Selecting Yard, Garden & Kennel Fence

In order to protect your yard, garden, pets or small livestock, choose a fence that provides durability, reliability, good looks, and one that can be installed on all types of terrain. In addition, consider a fence style that is designed to withstand pressure and movement. The fence should be strong enough to contain the largest animal inside the enclosure. But, it must also have a mesh design tight enough to stop small animals from entry or escape. Red Brand’s Yard, Garden & Kennel (YG&K) fence meets all the criteria for a superior solution. Our fence is designed with 2” x 2” spacing, making it ideal for protecting pets and property. The woven construction features our exclusive Square Deal® Knot, which means the fence won’t sag or buckle. Designed to flex on impact, the knotted mesh won’t break like welded wire, providing a safe, secure and long-lasting enclosure. The tight weave holds snug to line wires, resulting in extra strength and rigidity. This will deter predator penetration while safeguarding yards, gardens, toddlers and pets. YG&K is also ideal for kennels. Plus, the smooth side of the knot assures that animals or toddlers won’t be scratched when brushing against the side of the fence. YG&K has a galvanized finish that prevents rust for a long-lasting durability. It’s also an excellent alternative to chain link fencing which is bulky and expensive.

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Yard, Garden & Kennel Fence

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Yard, Garden & Kennel wire fence is a useful solution for a variety of applications. It can surround a play area and protect your pet or other small animals. Simultaneously, it can provide a barrier around your valuable garden or crop and keep out unwanted predators. For the best in safety and security, make your investment count. Choose Red Brand for superior quality, construction and reliability. Talk to your local Red Brand dealer for help with your Yard, Garden & Kennel purchase. You can also shop our online store or explore our website for additional features and information on products and installation.

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What Customers are Saying

Testimonial - Ben S.

Ben S.

5-Star Review

Really well made fence that worked out perfect for my shepherds. They might dig under it but not through it!

Testimonial - George P.

George P.

5-Star Review

This is a great product. Easy to install and safe for dogs.

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