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As natural habitats dwindle and boundaries blur, finding a suitable enclosure to protect orchards, vineyards and valuable landscaping from hungry deer and other grazers can be challenging. A grove of ripened fruit, a vineyard full of grapes, or even newly planted vegetation around your home may prove too tempting for deer to ignore. On the other hand, commercial deer farming has become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Raising deer and elk for game or consumption poses its own set of challenges when it comes to caring for these large animals. And, like any other animal type, specialty animal herds can also be vulnerable to intruders or escape. In either case, a property owner is concerned with keeping deer in – or out – of the area they are protecting. Even though the White Tail Deer has the astounding ability to jump, they’ll rarely take on an enclosure that doesn’t ensure a safe landing on the other side. In addition, their eyesight does not provide reliable depth perception, which further deters them from taking a giant leap, because they can’t be sure how high the fence in front of them might be.

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Red Brand Deer & Orchard Fence

Selecting Deer, Orchard or Wildlife Fence

Deer are strong and powerful. Not only is their ability to jump impressive, so is their persistence. They will test the integrity of a fence until they are successful. Flimsy materials won’t stand a chance against a determined deer. If they can’t jump over the barrier, they will poke, prod, and chew their way through it if there’s something on the other side that they really want. However, you can rest easy if you invest in quality materials, careful design and proper installation. Choose heavy-duty, woven wire mesh to avoid wear and tear from both animals and weather. The rigid knots will hold horizontal and vertical wires in place to keep the fence taught and upright. They’ll also prevent slipping, which could create convenient openings for intruders. Tight, graduated spacing near the bottom also deters predators from entering the enclosure. Finally, be sure the fence is of adequate height to prevent entry or escape.


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Red Brand understands the unique challenges that property owners face when it comes to containing or excluding deer and protecting valuable crops. That’s why we’ve designed reliable solutions that offer safety and security. Protect your investment with the best fence product available. When selecting Red Brand, you can be assured that your fence will stand up to wear and tear from animals and intense weather. If you have questions about which fence product is right for your property or need help determining how much fence you need, check out our Resources page, talk to your local Red Brand dealer, or contact us for more information.

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What Customers are Saying

Testimonial - Linda R.

Linda R.

5-Star Review

Works very good for garden fencing. We installed it last year and still looks like new. Very good.

Testimonial - Earl H.

Earl H.

5-Star Review

It was exactly what I needed. I'm a fence contractor that usually installs residential fencing. I got a call for a fence to keep deer out of a garden. That's what this is designed for, and it worked great. The 6 ft. tall was not too heavy to work with, considering it's a 165 ft. roll. It was very cost effective to use compared to chain link fencing. Fit the application perfectly.

Testimonial - Michael B.

Michael B.

5-Star Review

Installed a year ago and has very effectively critter proofed my vegetable garden. Fully expect I will never need a replacement. An unexpected benefit is that I used the leftover fence for tomato cages. I cut sections the same length as I want the height of the cages to be. Then cut away foot or so (where line wires are narrowly spaced), Turn sections 90 degrees from its normal orientation. In this orientation its flexibility makes it easy to form into cylinders which are easily flattened for storage at the end of the season.

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