FFA Sponsorship

Red Brand is proud of our enduring relationship with FFA and the programs we have been part of since 1947. We continually strive to find unique and creative ways to support their efforts. Each year we sponsor two Proficiency Awards (Agricultural Communications and Equine Science), contribute to SAE grants and support FFA Alumni through auction donations and sponsorship of the FFA Alumni Convention. We are most proud of the programs detailed below that directly help educate and support our country's future ag leaders.


Home Grown


  • It's the easiest money your chapter can receive
  • Partner with local ag retailers to raise money for your chapter
  • Over 700 FFA chapters received money in 2010

Encourage your local retailer to participate and then spread the word—the potential is unlimited. Learn more at redbrand.com/

Fence 101


  • Learn the importance of ag fence selection, calculation and installation
  • Designed for future farmers, property owners and ag business leaders
  • Kit includes: instructor's manual, fence samples, PowerPoint presentations, reference guides, and more

Fence 101 can be in your classroom this year. Learn more at redbrand.com/

Qualified Fence Installer


  • Become a qualified SAE/FFA Fence Installer (QFI)
  • Learn practical business skills while operating your own business
  • Red Brand QFI Kit includes: fence rebates, expert support, your very own customized fence signs, business cards and job worksheets, Red Brand logo items and fence brochures for customers

Learn more at

Red Brand